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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Menu Using Javascript

2 level horizontal tab menu
A CSS based tab menu that supports a secondary level of menu items. Both levels are horizontal, so there no drop down menus that may become hidden underneath form elements in browsers such as IE. Cool!

3D Spin Menu
3D Spin Menu creates a virtual "ring" of menu links whereby the user can manually select and rotate into view the desired link to go to. This cool script works in IE and NS6+ while degrading well with older browsers (doesn't show itself).

A radio button url "warper"
A script that uses radio buttons to select the place you want to go.

Cool Table Menu
Add flare to your menu with Clarence's navigational script! Not only do participating menu items receive a "highlight" effect when the mouse moves over them, but also, a textual description of the containing link. Requires IE 4+ or NS6+, though degrades well with all browsers.

Cool CSS Menu
A lightweight, CSS based menu that displays a description of the link the mouse is currently over. The description is gently brought into view as an added touch.

Count down then redirect script
Occasionally, you may wish to have a redirect page pause for a few seconds before sending the visitor off to the destination. This redirect script understands that, and pauses for any given seconds before navigating to the target page.

Count down then redirect script II
Pause for any number of seconds, then  rediect users to a destination page, with this script. Differs from the above in the effect shown while things are "in suspense."

CSS Top Menu
This two level CSS Top Menu uses regular lists (<ul>) for the underlining structure, making it search engine friendly and very lightweight. The script is also a breeze to customize. Works in both IE and Firefox. Cool!

Folding menu tree
This script creates a folding menu tree that contains links and sublinks. Click on the folder icon to expand it. Requires IE4+ or NS6, although all other browsers will still be able to navigate around.

Menu tabset
This script renders a menu tab set, allowing you to intuitively switch between various pieces of content to view. Works in IE4+, NS6+, and Opera.

N-level Context menu
This is a versatile context (right click) menu script that supports multiple levels of submenus! Script requires IE to work, though degrades well with others.

An awesome folding menu tree with support for unlimited sublevels. Works in all DHTML browsers.

Real Menu
Replace the default right click menu in IE5.5 with Real Menu. Animated into view, this menu supports both links and HTML (ie: images).

Right-click menu
This is an impressive right-click menu that pops up when the user right clicks the mouse in IE5.5+. The menu can venture outside the browser window if needed!

Static Menu
This cool script renders a menu that's statically positioned at the left edge of your page, never going out of sight!

URL jump box
Use this script to allow your surfers to go to a url by typing it inside a form box, and either pressing enter or the "Go!" button.

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