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Thursday, August 24, 2006

HTML Status Bar Effects using Javascript

Display mouse coordinates
Display the current mouse coordinates (relative to the viewable window) in the status bar of your visitor's browser. Not too useful, but quite cool.

Flashing status bar
Flashes a message in the browser's status bar.

Hide status bar message I 
Use this script to hide the status bar message from appearing when the mouse moves over certain links.

Hide status bar message II 
Disable the status bar message from appearing on all links, indiscriminately, with this powerful script!

Slowly coming-together status scroller
Status text that comes together slowly

Slowly coming-together status scroller II
Version 2 of the above effect...

Status Bar Decrypter
This cool script animates the message to display in the status bar when the visitors moves the mouse over a link. Don't just show a status bar message upon mouse over...decrypt it!

Status bar scroller
A scroller that scrollers itself in the status bar below your browser.

Status Bar Scroller 2
A very cool status bar scroller. Check it out!

Type-writer document title!
Like the above script, except the effect is applied to your document's title! Requires IE 4+ or NS 6+

Type-writer status scroller
A status bar scroller that displays the text one letter at a time!

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