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Thursday, August 24, 2006

HTML Fading and Backgroup Effects using Javascript

Background previewer
Loads up a background image onto a new window and tiles it for previewing.

Different background depending on time
Loads a different background color depending on the time of the day.

Disco Background Effect
Get into the groove with this disco background effect script! It fades the background color continuously using a variety of colors, as if it were the dance floor!

Document spotlight effect
Turn the lights off on your webpage and have your visitors view it with a "flashlight" with this spotlight effect! Works in both IE4+ and NS4.

Fade in, fade out!
You've probably seen background fade-in scripts, fade-out scripts, but this is among the first to combine the two to create one great combo effect! The script fades in when the user enters the page, and out when they exit!

Fading background effect
A fading background script that fades from black to white as someone enters the page.

Fading background using multiple colors
A fading background script that fades in multiple colors as someone enters the page.

Random background color 
This simple script randomizes ths background color of your page each time it's loaded. Specify any number of colors for the script to choose from.

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