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Thursday, August 24, 2006

HTML Cursor Sytles using JavaScript

Cursor trail
Add this classic Windows effect to your website! It renders a trailing cursor whenever the user moves his mouse, and works cross browser. Cool!

Custom cursor script IE6 required
This is a CSS script that changes the actual cursor on your site to a custom one! Also comes with 3 attractive custom cursors for you to use.

Simple Image Trail new01.gif (1016 bytes)
Use this script to add a simple image trail to your webpage. A single image follows the mouse around, and is configurable in several ways, from x and y offsets from the cursor to length of time it should appear on page.

Add a fun sparkling trailer to your cursor! Not only does it work cross-browser, but NO images are involved in the realization of it. Great and fast-loading effect...

Swirling Cursor trail
This is another impressive cursor trail effect created using DHTML. Easy to install and cross browser, both you and your visitors will love it!

Xeyes (eyes following mouse)
Make your visitors feel like they're being watched with this whimsical "Xeyes" script! An face image with eyes that follow the cursor around is displayed. 

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