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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Great New Atlas Videos Tutorials

Great New Atlas Videos Published (All Free)

Joe Stagner has been busy at work publishing more Atlas videos on the website (click here for the full video listing). 

Here are a few pointers to some of the recent Atlas videos he has posted:

- Add "Atlas" features to an existing ASP.NET web application: Learn how to easily add Atlas functionality to an existing ASP.NET application, and demonstrates how to add the Atlas assembly and configure it within a site (4 minutes, 33 seconds).

- Implement Dynamic Partial-Page Updates using Atlas: Learn how to to use the Timer control in Atlas to dynamically refresh portions of an ASP.NET page (5 minutes, 31 seconds).

- Using the Atlas Control Toolkit Cascading Dropdownlist Extender: Learn how to implement cascading drop-downlist UI with Atlas server controls, which enables you to have drop-down lists depend on values in another drop-down list on the client without requiring any postbacks to occur (19 minutes, 9 seconds).

- Make Client-Side Network Callbacks with Atlas: Learn how Atlas makes it easy to make network callbacks from the client to the server and provides a rich JSON networking stack (11 minutes, 33 seconds).

- Atlas Enable Existing Web Services: Learn how to add JSON networking support to your existing web services, and easily create JavaScript client proxies that can invoke and call them (6 minutes, 20 seconds)

- Using the Atlas Control Toolkit Popup Control Extender: Learn how to use the Popup Control Extender to enable Ajax popup UI (10 minutes, 19 seconds)

- Using the Atlas Control Toolkit TextBoxWatermark Control Extender: Learn how to easily add watermark support to input controls on your site (4 minutes, 52 seconds long).


In addition to the above new videos, you can also check out these two to help get you started:

- Getting Started with "Atlas": This video demonstrates how to install Atlas for the first time and build your first site with it (10 minutes, 2 seconds).

- Getting Started with the Atlas Control Toolkit: This video demonstrates how to install and use the Atlas Control Toolkit suite of additional Atlas controls in your site (12 minutes, 9 seconds).

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