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Friday, August 25, 2006

The ASPxGrid and Editors Library

Are you considering the purchase of a component suite for ASP.NET? Do you currently own a library that simply does not meet your business needs? Ready for a solution that works as expected, and delivers the long promised benefits of ASP.NET?

Whether you have used other third party ASP.NET controls or are ready to select the tools to power your next web application, we are confident that our fully integrated suite of components within the ASPxGrid and Editors Library offers the most comprehensive set of features and capabilities available in the market today.

The ASPxGrid comes with all the features you expect from an advanced web grid...

  • Multiple data access options;
  • End-user data searching capabilities;
  • Built-in data grouping and sorting;
  • MS Outlook style preview sections;
  • Multiple row selection;
  • Total and group summaries;
  • Centralized data validation;
  • and power-packed data management and layout options...

... and blows away traditional limitations for ASP.NET development with advanced client-side mode support ...

  • Full data loading onto the client allowing free record navigation without postbacks;
  • Editing multiple records on the client with batch update options;
  • Immediate client-side data synchronization between all controls bound to the same data source;
  • Centralized client-side data validation;
  • Client-side custom rendering for complex controls;
  • Client-side API allowing you to customize controls in almost the same manner as on the server side;
  • Numerous events allowing you to respond to user actions on the client-side;
  • and so much more...

...offers you comprehensive template support ...

  • Unlimited appearance customization for every element;
  • Content and layout customization to any extent;
  • Template support on the client side - no postbacks needed if a templated element's content changes;
  • Multiple template customization levels - either for all elements collectively or for each particular element separately;
  • Suppported for every element in the ASPxGrid and ASPxDataNavigator;
  • and so much more...


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