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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

ASP.NET on Linux without Apache

ASP.NET on Linux without Apache

We have said that installing mod_mono RPM will enable Apache to serve ASP.NET pages. What we haven’t mentioned is that mod_mono RPM installs a Web server called XSP that does the work of processing ASP .NET pages. Whenever Apache is asked for any page residing in the directory /var/www/html/mono via the URL, Apache hands over the processing to the XSP Web server and returns the result. This is very similar to the Apache-Tomcat integration. You may like to have a look at the file named mono.conf in the directory /etc/httpd/conf.d. This two-line configuration file sets up Apache to serve ASP .NET pages using XSP. You can also run XSP standalone. For this, first install the Mono RPM as explained in the section Thanks to Project Mono of this article. Copy the file named xsp-0.4.tar.gz found on this month’s PCQEssential CD in the directory system\cdrom\unltdoss\aspdotnet to /opt directory of PCQLinux. Extract the archive as

tar –zxvf xsp-0.4.tar.gz

This will create a directory named xsp-0.4 under /opt. Change to this directory and issue the following commands
make install

Change to the directory /opt/xsp-0.4/server/test and issue the following command

mono server.exe &

This will start the XSP Web server at port 8080. You can now browse the ASP .NET pages using
All the ASP .NET files reside in the directory /opt/xsp-0.4/server/test. To see your ASP .NET pages/files working, you must place your files in this directory and access them as

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