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Friday, August 25, 2006

ASP.NET Cetification courses by GuruiSchool

This contains courses related to ASP.NET. These courses prepare you for GuruiSchool ASP.NET Certificate.

This track offers an approachable tutorial to the latest in Microsoft .NET technologies. Lessons are full of examples. The lessons walks the reader through the .NET Framework and teaches techniques needed to program Web applications efficiently. After covering Web Forms and Server Controls, the lessons explores at database access with ADO.NET and XML. An application will be built throughout the track to illustrate techniques learned in each lesson. XML Web Services are covered in detail due to their tight integration with ASP.NET applications. Overall this track will make ASP.NET accessible for just about anyone, with or without exposure to the older ASP standard. This track is great for you whether you are new to ASP or upgrading your skill set from previous version.

Following is a list of courses within this category. If you are not sure what courses to take, please read the section Certifications.


Course CodeCourse NameCertification
X2560ASP.NET - Getting Started with ASP.NETGuruiSchool ASP.NET Certificate
X2570ASP.NET - Building ASP.NET PagesGuruiSchool ASP.NET Certificate
X2580ASP.NET - Using Visual Basic.NET and C#GuruiSchool ASP.NET Certificate
X2590ASP.NET - Using ASP.NET Objects with C# and VB.NETGuruiSchool ASP.NET Certificate
X2600ASP.NET - Beginning Web FormsGuruiSchool ASP.NET Certificate
X2610ASP.NET - Learning More About Web FormsGuruiSchool ASP.NET Certificate
X2620ASP.NET - Validating ASP.NET PagesGuruiSchool ASP.NET Certificate
X2630ASP.NET - Project: A Banking ApplicationGuruiSchool ASP.NET Certificate
X2640ASP.NET - Building DatabasesGuruiSchool ASP.NET Certificate
X2650ASP.NET - Using Databases with ASP.NETGuruiSchool ASP.NET Certificate
X2660ASP.NET - Communicating with ADO.NETGuruiSchool ASP.NET Certificate
X2670ASP.NET - Using XML in ASP.NETGuruiSchool ASP.NET Certificate
X2680ASP.NET - Employing Advanced Data TechniquesGuruiSchool ASP.NET Certificate
X2690ASP.NET - Reading and Writing Files on the Web ServerGuruiSchool ASP.NET Certificate
X2700ASP.NET - Using Improved Caching CapabilitiesGuruiSchool ASP.NET Certificate
X2710ASP.NET - Project - The Banking Application - Adding Data CapablityGuruiSchool ASP.NET Certificate
X2720ASP.NET - Using Business ObjectsGuruiSchool ASP.NET Certificate
X2730ASP.NET - Creating XML Web ServicesGuruiSchool ASP.NET Certificate
X2740ASP.NET - Consuming and Securing XML Web ServicesGuruiSchool ASP.NET Certificate
X2750ASP.NET - Configuring and Deploying ASP.NET ApplicationsGuruiSchool ASP.NET Certificate
X2760ASP.NET - Separating Code from ContentGuruiSchool ASP.NET Certificate
X2770ASP.NET - Debugging ASP.NET PagesGuruiSchool ASP.NET Certificate
X2780ASP.NET - Securing ASP.NET ApplicationsGuruiSchool ASP.NET Certificate
X2790ASP.NET - Project - The Banking Application - Adding Business ObjectsGuruiSchool ASP.NET Certificate
X2800ASP.NET - Building a Complete ApplicationGuruiSchool ASP.NET Certificate
X2810ASP.NET - Creating Mobile Web FormsGuruiSchool ASP.NET Certificate

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