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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

ASP.NET and PHP comparison

Many programmers rely on warm, fuzzy feelings for their technology choices, but managers have to ask different questions. PHP 5 serves both communities

In a previous article on this topic, "PHP and ASP.NET Go Head to Head," I discussed PHP and ASP.NET, compared and contrasted the two technologies, and provided some food for thought about choosing the best technology for a development project.

That discussion sparked quite a debate. Interestingly, there were those in both camps claiming that the article was biased toward the other. Folks on the ASP.NET side claimed a PHP bias, and some on the PHP side claimed an ASP.NET bias.

This follow-up addresses some of the issues and explains in more detail my thinking and conclusions. It also goes a bit more in depth with these two technologies and, in particular, discusses the new release, PHP 5, as well as the MONO project. Finally, it compares these technologies in terms of which is the best for your next Web-based development project.

A Bit More History

PHP had humble beginnings. It was a project in 1995 of Rasmus Lerdorf, who wanted a tool that would help him track accesses to his Web pages. At that point, it was just a set of scripts, but as he added functionality, he rewrote his Personal Home Page Tools in C, adding database access and building on the functionality of the original. In true open source tradition, he chose to release his tools to the community. This release he dubbed PHP/FI (Personal Home Page/Forms Interpreter), and PHP as we know it was born.

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