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Friday, August 25, 2006

The Advanced C#/.NET Tutorial by Gopalan Suresh Raj




Note : To run any of the sample applications in this tutorial, you will need the Microsoft .NET SDK Beta 2 or higher. If you don't already have it, I would recommend that you download Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher

Installing Microsoft .NET SDK on your machine (Beta 1)
Effective C#
60 Tips for Effective C# Code Development

COM+ and .NET

Building a complete COM+ Server component using C# and .NET
Building a COM+ Client using C# and .NET
Classic COM to .NET Interoperability
COM to .NET Interoperability
Classic COM Server using C# and .NET
COM Client using Visual Basic ver 6.0
Managed C++ Client using Early Binding
Managed C++ Client using Late Binding


Building a Distributed Component Server using C# and .NET
Building a Distributed Component Client using C# and .NET
Retrieving Database Metadata using C# and .NET

Web Services and .NET

Building a Web Service Component using C# and .NET
Building a Web Service Client using C# and .NET
Accessing a .NET Web Service using Apache/SOAP and Java
Channels and .NET Remoting
Microsoft Object Spaces (OS)
What is Microsoft Object Spaces (OS)
Developing a complete Banking Application with MS ObjectSpaces
C# Reflection and Dynamic Method Invocation (Beta 1)
Asynchronous Message Queuing using .NET & COM+ (Beta 1)
Making HTTP GET and POST requests on Web Pages using C#, ASP+ and the .NET Framework (Beta 1)

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